Adiós Amigos!

Welcome to the Blog of Carrington MacGillycuddy.
(Or Harrington Demagogically as my spellcheck would have it). How life felt more complete once I’d mastered there, their, they’re and dare (I know you’re your impressed).
Scroll down for a list of my ramblings, starting with the most recent. Have fun!

Now Availableforty-shades-of-green

Forty Shades Of Green: The Novel

Available for the Amazon Kindle and in Print.
It’s expanded and improved, and “surprisingly romantic.”

Apologies to Leitrim -

Leitrim, you need to see this!

Faith, no Hope. - Massage Parlour?
Never Mind That Sh*t. Here Comes Mongo - For the weekend that's in it, this sporting tale is for fans everywhere.
Mark Zuckerberg, I Weep For You - Mark Zuckerberg, do you fancy a Full Irish Breakfast with Barry's Tea?
Apologies to Leitrim - Leitrim, you need to see this!
Career Guidance 101 - I'm like a male Bridget Jones except my underwear is better (remember, one pair - one wear, that's my motto).
My Friend, Tim Neill - Tim made a fortune in the Scandinavian Log Cabin business in the boom years (that's what he calls his Portaloo Rental Company).
Psuedomodo - The Hunchback of Nostradamus is upcoming. Need a taste? Here's a literary canapé of sorts (pronounced: can o'pee - you're welcome).
Time for BOD - Grey's Anatomy, Liquor, Proctology, Fun! Must be Carrington's Blog.
1 a.m. what 1 a.m. - Brandy, Chilli, Loo Roll, Tears: Carrington's First Blog.