aside Mark Zuckerberg, I Weep For You

Before you have a go at me, please understand that I am acutely aware of how the internet and business and Facebook works n’ all that. That said, I came across this screen on my phone the other day and, well, I couldn’t help but die a little inside.

mark-zuckerbergIt popped up when Facebook was making a recommendation for me to follow its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

All I can say is, I feel for you Mark, I really do. After all you’ve put in too. If you’d like to talk to someone, I’ll be there for you.
I could literally be your +1.

I feel reasonably sure that my pad is not so grand as yours, but in my favour, I do a mean mojito and I have a mighty collection of (air quote) arthouse movies (end air quotes).

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Full Irish Breakfast with Barry’s Tea, and, and it’s a big one – I serve French Fries with my pizza – much to the chagrin of the ladies in my life, but who cares if two guys can sit down and chew the fat.

Good times lie ahead for you Mark, I’m certain of that.

Yours, always,


PS. There are so, so many better phrases you could have up there than – ‘nothing to show’. How about:

  • No Information Available
  • Wouldn’t You Like To Know?
  • You Should Be So Lucky!
  • Don’t Even Ask!

Any suggestions of your own? Leave a comment below.





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