aside Apologies to Leitrim

I see that Ant & Dec were in Leitrim yesterday. I wonder did the county ever do anything about that web page I wept over a little while back?

Yesterday’s quick fix involved a chat between a Dub, a Leitrim native and a Mayoman.

Before you say anything, I am of course aware of the potential for humour in that (because I failed yesterday haw haw) and no doubt I shall mine it further later on.

Anyhow, I needed a snippet of trivia about County Leitrim for the piece so I turned to my old friend The Encyclopaedia Britannica Google for assistance.

I searched for ‘Leitrim Facts’.

On the results page I clicked a link that said:

‘Great reasons to choose Leitrim in Ireland as your home, business location or holiday destination.’

This is a screenshot of the page to which I was led.


I say this in the interest of helping. Please, please Leitrim, do something about this page. For God’s sakes, your county crest is a Lion and some Big Balls – start there.

Please, you won’t regret it in any shape or form. Please, I beg you.

I’ll even do it for you for a small-ish fee. 

Always your friend.



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