About Carrington

I’m Carrington MacGillycuddy (pronounced kaw-ring-tone). I was born in Ireland in the late 1960s early 1970s to a mixed heritage, very working class family. Working class in Ireland back then meant poor. The shirt on my back was sometimes handed down from my brothers and sometimes my sisters, in which case it was the skirt on my back.

Thankfully, I had no embarrassing underwear discoveries as there wasn’t any showering after P.E. (gym class to you foreigners) where I went to school. An hour playing Gaelic Football in the rain took care of the week’s bathing requirements more often than not – good times.

Now that I have mastered there, their, they’re and dare (I know your impressed) I have taken to writing blogs and stories and the occasional poem. I will share them here with you.

I wasn’t born Carrington MacGillycuddy, you wouldn’t survive creche in rural Ireland with a name like Carrington back in the seventies (not a problem today for the Britneys, Savannahs, Rihannas, Madonnas and Fiachras of this world). So it was goodbye Dáithí Lipschitz and hello Dolly Carrington MacGillycuddy.

Stick around, I have much to tell.